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Metropolitan City of Milan

* Translations and transcriptions are available when provided by speakers.

Some recordings marked with ** begin with the standard sentence translated into Italian as follows: 
"It has been raining heavily all week, we hope that tomorrow the good weather will come back ." In these cases the translation of this sentence will not be specified.

N.7: Elda (Albairate, Milanese )

00:00 / 00:30

Age of the speaker: 66 years

Registration date : 27/03/21

Transcription  (of the speaker):

Tre ca faa, de matton a Gèsa for the prayers, a tôrr with du campan and a furna to make pan; the gaìna that sings l'oeuv, a scoeulla  cul tecc noeuv, a jar with dent a flower, a garden for those who go to the Creatur.  che'l ghe is in a handkerchief.  


Translation  (of the speaker):

Three brick houses, a church for prayers, a tower  with two bells  and an oven to make bread, the hen that sings  for the egg, a school with a new roof, a jar with a flower inside, a garden for those who go to the Creator (cemetery). Carlo Mereghetti)

N.11: Elda (Albairate, Albairatese )

00:00 / 00:20

Age of the speaker: 66 years

Registration date : 27/03/21

Transcription  (of the speaker):

To the magùtt. 
In the morning
  quànd suna i vòt ur, tùcc i magùtt sa mèten a cur,
pèsten i pe and baten i man
in the magùtt
  che van a tò al pàn
baten i man, pèsten
  i pe ... in i magùtt che turnern indre!




Translation  (of the speaker):

The bricklayer (in Albairatese more than anything else 'mason's helper')
In the morning when eight o'clock strikes, all the masons start running, stamp their feet, clap their hands are the masons who go to get bread, clap their hands, stamp their feet are the masons who come back!

N.12: Piero (Milan, Milanese )

00:00 / 00:05

Data registrazione: 13/04/21

Trascrizione (di Jacopo Dovico in NOL - Noeuva Ortografia Lombarda):

Ne ciapom pu de rat, nanca piturad.


Translation  (of the speaker):

We don't get any more mice, not even paintings.

13: Piero (Milan, Milanese )

00:00 / 00:04

Data registrazione: 13/04/21

Trascrizione (di Jacopo Dovico in NOL - Noeuva Ortografia Lombarda):

Vesser tra el gnach e 'l petach.

Translation  (of the speaker):

Be so so.

14: Piero (Milan, Milanese )

00:00 / 00:06

Data registrazione: 13/04/21

Trascrizione (di Jacopo Dovico in NOL - Noeuva Ortografia Lombarda):

Quand ghe n'è minga a set, ghe n'è nanca a setanta-set.

Translation  (of the speaker):

When there isn't one at seven, he won't be at seventy-seven either.

15: Piero (Milan, Milanese )

00:00 / 00:06

Data registrazione: 13/04/21

Trascrizione (di Jacopo Dovico in NOL - Noeuva Ortografia Lombarda):

Se pioeuv minga in sui oliv, pioeuv in sui ciap.


Translation  (of the speaker):

If it doesn't rain on the olive tree, it rains on the eggs (called Easter).

16: Piero (Milan, Milanese )

00:00 / 00:11

Data registrazione: 13/04/21

Trascrizione (di Jacopo Dovico in NOL - Noeuva Ortografia Lombarda):

Oggin bell, so fradell, oreggina bella, la soa sorella, la gesa di fraa e 'l campanin de tirà.


Translation  (of the speaker):

Nice eye, his brother, nice little ear, his sister, the church of the friars and the bell tower to pull (touching the face, eyes, ears, mouth and nose)

28: Elda (Albairate)

00:00 / 00:14

Age of the speaker: 66 years

Registration date : 30/04/21


Transcription  (of the speaker):

Che'l om che al does what al knows does, che'l dìs che'l poc che'l knows, che'l da che'l poc che'l ga ... a e  an om de respect!

Translation  (of the speaker):

That man who does what he knows how to do, who says what little he knows, who gives (gives) what little he has, is a man to be respected.

N.111: Elda (Albairate, Milanese province )

00:00 / 01:40

Age of the speaker: 67 years old

Registration date: 28/12/21


Transcription  (of the speaker):

You remember me being cool in Natal.
Gh'era la nev ei see with the stars of alreadyss.
It was el camin
or the stua sempr'acès
and the perfumed mandaritt skin.

The letter piéna de brillantit
sconduda well I know the dish of the father
with cent promess that duraven
men d'on dì
on testament for the ann
che doeva 'rivà.

Poetry learn by heart
the was the excuse for 'nda to troà the parents,
ciapà cinq ghéi, on belé
or for glory,
toron and ciocolat de metes sòta i dent.

I went to Sant'Ambroeus for the fòss
catà la tépa
per fa el presépi bell
the era ona competition to troà i tòch gròss
for el prà and the mountains without seeing 'l tochèll.

Dopravom anthracite to make the gròtt
and special to make the lake with dent i ochétt,
i statoètt de gèss and pù nagòt
if 'l nòno' l ghe phaseva nò i casétt.

The tree was the era of sciori, and pòc credent
but it was alegher ..
tacavom on tusscòss
the mandaritt, nous, bomboni, fil d'argent
el dì de Natal ghe stavom tucc adòss.

Around on taol,
to eat the goose together,
mustard, panaton and pòmm water
I hoped that the faint was already coming
for scaldà 'l coeur and Gèesa it looked like el Dòmm.

Translation  (of the speaker):

I remember it was cold at Christmas.
There was snow and glass with ice stars.
There was the fireplace or the stove always on
and the skin of the mandarins to perfume.

The letter full of glitter
well hidden under dad's plate
with a hundred promises that lasted
less than a day
a will for the year
that was to arrive.

Poetry learned by heart
was the excuse to visit relatives,
take five lire, a gift or for glory,
nougat and chocolate to put under your teeth.

In Sant'Ambrogio we went to the ditches
to gather moss
to make the most beautiful nativity scene.
it was a contest and finding the big boys
for meadows and mountains without showing the pieces.

We used anthracite to make the caves
and the mirrors to make the lake with the geese inside,
the plaster statuettes and nothing more
if some grandfather nen made the houses.

The tree was for the rich and the little believers,
but he was cheerful.
We hung up on everything,
tangerines, candy nuts, silver threads
and on Christmas day we were all on top of each other.

Around a table
to eat the goose together,
mustard, panettone and sweet wine.
We were hoping that the snow would come down
to warm our hearts.
And our church looked like a cathedral.

N.143: Gualtiero (Milan, Milanese )

00:00 / 00:03

Age of the speaker: 60 years


Transcription  (of the speaker):

In Milan when he piof guta i tec.

Registration date: 24/05/22

Translation  (of the speaker):

In Milan, when it rains, the roofs drip.

N.227: Jacopo (Milano, Milanese)

00:00 / 00:12

Età del parlante: 24 anni

Data registrazione: 17/01/23


Trascrizione (del parlante):

Gh'era rivada l'ora de andà a dormì, ma el re Mida, senza voléll, l'ha tocad el cossin, l'ha tocad i lenzoeui e 'l materass, che inn vegnud d'or e eren trop dur de dormìgh sora.

Traduzione (dalla favola "Re Mida" di G.Rodari, Favole al telefono):

Venne l'ora di andare a dormire, ma il re Mida, senza volerlo, toccò il cuscino, toccò le lenzuola e il materasso, diventarono d'oro massiccio ed erano troppo duri per dormirci.

N.342: Alberto (Mediglia, Lombardo)

00:00 / 00:45

Età del parlante: 26 anni


Trascrizione (del parlante):

Gh'haveven un quaicoss de strani che el me faseva sentì mal, un desideri mes'ciad con pagura. Hoo sentud in del coeur una voeuja foghenta e perversa che me fasessen un basin con quei laver ross. L'è mej che el scrivi minga sgiò, perchè 'l ghe farà mal a la Mina se la 'l lensgiarà, ma l'è la verità. Ciciaraven in tra de lor e poeu hann tacad a rider e a gregnà, ma cont un rider d'arsgent, compagn de una musica, ma tant dur che el pareva gnanca che 'l vegniss de boche de donne. A l'era tant 'me la dolcezza che se po no tollerà di bicer d'aqua sonad de una man usada a fàll.

Data registrazione: 26/10/23

Traduzione (dalla traduzione italiana di Dracula di B. Stoker):

Provavo, per esse, qualcosa che mi metteva a disagio, una brama e in pari tempo una paura mortale. Avvertivo in cuor mio un perverso, ardente desiderio di essere baciato da quelle rosse labbra. Non è bene che io lo scriva; ma è la verità. Le tre bisbigliavano tra loro, e quindi tutt'e tre si sono messe a ridere una risata argentina, musicale, ma aspra da far sembrare che mai suono simile potesse uscire da molli bocche umane. Era come l'intollerabile, tinnante dolcezza di un'armonica a bicchieri suonata da un'abile mano.

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