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DeVulgare needs all the help you can give to enhance the Italian linguistic heritage. For this we are always
looking for willing helpers willing to give their time to our mission. Collaborating with DeVulgare means spreading our values and promoting our project locally and online, helping to enrich our collection of oral testimonies from all over Italy.

Join us today by contacting us!

Collaborating with DeVulgare means ...


Help us to make our mission and our project known. Support us in advertising our audio collection, suggesting new and innovative dissemination systems.  

Our goal is simple: to collect as much audio material as possible in order to preserve as much as possible. Live our mission as a protagonist by joining us and making our goals possible.

To represent

A project does not have a life of its own, but needs the attention and energy of those who want to see it realized. By collaborating with DeVulgare you will represent our mission and our goals both online and on the territory, carrying forward our values and giving them meaning.

You will support us in finding new opportunities, celebrating tradition and collecting registrations. You will help us map the territory, share our work and launch new collaborations. 


Behind every project and idea there is always a great job, driven by a strong passion and dedication. DeVulgate needs people who know their territory, its history, its culture and its tradition.  

By collaborating with DeVulgare you will offer the possibility to act as an intermediary between your local reality and our mission, guaranteeing a true knowledge and enhancement of local languages, which is based on shared values.


Communication Manager

DeVulgare is a project that relies above all on contacts with those locally who can procure audio recordings in regional languages to add to our online digital library. The communication manager would mainly deal with managing contacts with local realities such as pro-loco, associations, municipalities etc. in order to make our business known to as many speakers as possible. Other tasks include relationships with collaborators of various kinds, such as institutions and similar projects.

Linguists / e

We deal with languages first and foremost. Our goal of creating an audio library of local languages is also motivated by the desire that this material can then be studied and used in order to get to know this heritage better.


We are therefore looking for language students who know how to move easily in this field and who contribute as 'scientific consultants' for the future development of DeVulgare, sharing ideas and suggestions regarding the contents and directions to follow.

Informatic support

DeVulgare is a project based on cutting-edge digital tools, which wants to use the possibilities offered by new technologies in order to maximize its impact and at the same time bring a younger population closer.

We are therefore looking for willing IT / IT professionals to join us to support our technological and digital development, for example in improving the website, the digital library and the system for receiving registrations.

Spontaneous application

Are you interested in collaborating with us but don't know how? 

No problem! Send us your application now using the form below. We will be happy to meet you and listen to your ideas. We are always in need of help, and will definitely find a role that suits your interests and possibilities!

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