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DeVulgare is committed to three interconnected objectives: to preserve, enhance and disseminate the local linguistic richness, through the collection of oral testimonies of local linguistic varieties and publication on this dedicated site.

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DeVulgare has three interconnected objectives: to preserve the local linguistic richness, enhance its heritage and disseminate knowledge through practical and digital tools.



The generational change and the homologation deriving from new forms and methods of communication constitute a danger for the survival of traditional and local languages. If we do not intervene with practical and innovative solutions, this heritage risks disappearing. DeVulgare intends to use new digital and technological tools to create a public catalog of oral testimonies.


Preserving the cultural and linguistic richness of the local languages also means giving prominence to such an important issue. DeVulgare therefore undertakes to promote attention and awareness of the regional linguistic heritage, in particular by offering a platform for those who want to study it.


There is no tradition that holds without those who are willing to carry it on. The less a language is spoken, the less it is known, and therefore it will be way more at risk of extinction. Disseminating awareness of the local linguistic heritage is one of the missions of DeVulgare, which is committed to do this through the collection of audio material, which is useful to promote the many minoritised languages of Italy.

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"The Italian language was a second language, to be taught as such, starting from the first, that is, from the dialect."

Tullio De Mauro

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