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Membership 2023: Join our cause!

Now you can become a member of DeVulgare and be the protagonist of our mission! 


But what does it mean?

By joining us, you acquire the right to actively participate in our project, by participating in the ordinary and extraordinary assemblies. Furthermore, you will be able to stand as a candidate for the Association's Board of Directors, defining its objectives in a more concrete way and being able to constantly improve its work.


DeVulgare is an initiative that derives its strength and energy from all who support it. As a member you will have a special role in making a decisive contribution to our actions, while on our part you will have exclusive access that will allow you to stay up to date on our activities. 


For all the information you can consult our Statute and our Constitutive Act.

Fill out the form below and pay your membership fee to join. 

We are waiting for you!

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Become a member of DeVulgare!

The undersigned requests to be admitted as a member of the DeVulgare APS association.

The undersigned undertakes to comply with the statutory provisions in force and with the resolutions of the validly constituted corporate bodies.

To this end, he declares that he knows and accepts it Bylaws.

In order to complete the membership application, please pay the membership fee of €10 by bank transfer to the following data:

IBAN: IT10N0760110100001065111245

Beneficiary: DEVULGARE

Notice: Membership fee [YEAR] - [Name and Surname]

OR use PayPal to pay now!

By filling out the following form I declare, under my responsibility, that:

1. You are over the age of 18 (or you must send a guardian's authorization to

2.  Have full capacity to act

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