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OCT 20-21



After the success of the first edition, the States General of Local Languages ​​returns more ambitious than ever. This year the event will be held in hybrid form, with the possibility of participating even in person thanks to the kind availability of the Central Institute for Intangible Heritage (ICPI) in Rome. This will be an opportunity to cultivate even closer collaborations and give local languages ​​an exciting new perspective.


After the success of last year's conference, the STATES GENERAL OF LOCAL LANGUAGES return with a new edition that aims to explore the surprising possibilities of developing and valorising local, regional and minority languages ​​in Italy. If you thought you'd already seen it all, prepare to be amazed! ​ Over the past year, we have painted an essential picture of the state of local languages, revealing both the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. However, we are not satisfied with this. This year, we will focus on exceeding current expectations and discover how local languages ​​can reach new heights of valorization and implementation.

The idea

A visionary approach

The second edition of the General States of Local Languages aims to explore and exceed all expectations regarding the development and enhancement of local, regional and minority languages in Italy.


Through a series of panels, workshops and conversations, our aim is to create an environment of exchange and learning, involving experts, activists, artists and professionals working in the field of local languages.


We wish to promote awareness, understanding and importance of local languages as cultural heritage and a tool for identity and inclusion. Furthermore, we aim to identify new educational models, dissemination strategies and political approaches that can foster a greater diffusion and presence of local languages in institutions and in society as a whole.


The conference will offer a unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with all those who wish to contribute to the valorisation of local languages and build a future in which these languages are fully recognized and celebrated.

The second edition of the States General of Local Languages will take place in a hybrid format, combining face-to-face events and online activities.


This choice allows us to involve a wider audience and to overcome geographical barriers, allowing participants from different regions and countries to participate actively. During the conference, there will be panel discussions with experts and activists, interactive workshops, networking sessions and presentations of innovative projects and initiatives in the field of local languages.


Dedicated spaces will provide audience interaction and engagement through questions, comments and contributions on social media and other online platforms. Furthermore, the program includes moments of cultural entertainment, with musical performances, readings of literary texts and projections of multimedia contents that highlight art and creativity in local languages.


The conference will be accessible to all who share an interest and passion for local languages, regardless of their geographical origin or level of linguistic knowledge.

The formula

Create connections

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