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Province of Ferrara

* Translations and transcriptions are available when provided by speakers.

Some recordings marked with ** begin with the standard sentence translated into Italian as follows: 
"It has been raining heavily all week, we hope that tomorrow the good weather will come back ." In these cases the translation of this sentence will not be specified.

136: Gianni (Ferrara, Ferrarese)

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Age of the speaker: 72  anni

Registration date: 27/04/22

Transcription  (of the speaker):

Hello cos of a bagai that adman anden da corcala 'and dig that perhaps a chiecala comes anc chiecala' but if in vien brisa an so cus dirat but it takes you on di bon portogai a tirabuson and na spartura and taibagai

Translation  (of the speaker):

Hey so (way of calling someone whose name you don't remember) Tell that one (BAGAI Said of a person who has barely grown up and of petty appearance) That tomorrow we go to those there and tell them that maybe that one is coming too, but if not come (brisa = French pas) I don't know what to tell you, but you get some good oranges, a corkscrew, and a spartura (In the country houses, the cupboard ("spartura" in the Ferrara dialect) was placed in the coolest corner of the kitchen , next to the bucket. It was a rustic chest-like piece of furniture with a hinged lid). Tataibagai (indecipherable)

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