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Province of Massa e Carrara

* Translations and transcriptions are available when provided by speakers.

Some recordings marked with ** begin with the standard sentence translated into Italian as follows: 
"It has been raining heavily all week, we hope that tomorrow the good weather will come back ." In these cases the translation of this sentence will not be specified.

N.201: Lucia (Forno,Fornese)

00:00 / 00:19

Date of recording: 18/10/22

Transcript (by the speaker):

Ga scravasà for a whole week, we hope that tomorrow the sun will come out again.

Translation (by the speaker):

Today it has rained a lot and in the end on our mountains there's been a sprinkling of snow that one had not seen in a while. We had a hot  but rainy Christmas, it seemed like autumn.

N.202: Benedetta (Massa, Massese)

00:00 / 00:08

Date of recording: 22/10/22

Translation (by the speaker):

Christmas on the balcony, Easter at the firebrand.

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