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Province of Oristano

* Translations and transcriptions are available when provided by speakers.

Some recordings marked with ** begin with the standard sentence translated into Italian as follows: 
"It has been raining heavily all week, we hope that tomorrow the good weather will come back ." In these cases the translation of this sentence will not be specified.

70: Alberto (Oristano)

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Data registrazione: 02/09/21

Transcription :

M'apu fatu su nou in su muncadore
cricu sas frunzas in open sa manu
po ischire on chi m'est capitau,
non ti ch'apu a furae po su dribetu
chi m'as fatu lassandemi a pea,
abochinande andan in caminu
su ferenu chi ndi 'ogat su sole
de sa die chi cominzat to manzanu.
Papau si ch'at sa lughi
totu su gosu grogo in the east,
change channel but no ses de acordu
cheres sighiri to cracherae su linu.
Abadia well no you pighet knows presses
inspect a s'imbodiae sa bussaca
coitat a arribae su manzanu
asimizare chia pozo jacks
donnia foeddu chi mi 'etit s'aria
de sa die pesandesi lughente.
Do not torrat on who no t'apu nau,
do not torrat on those who do not apu giau you.

Translation  (of the speaker):

I made a knot in the handkerchief. I made a knot in my handkerchief / I look for the folds in my open hand / to know that this has happened to me, / I will not kidnap you for the spite / that you made me by leaving me on foot, / they go screaming in the streets / the poison that squeezes their sun / day starting in the morning. / The light has eaten up / all the yellow joy of the East, / I change the channel but you don't agree / you want to continue carding the linen. / Take a good look, don't be in a hurry / wait for your pocket to empty / morning arrives quickly / looking for who I can look like / every word that the air brings me / of the day that rises bright. / What I have not told you does not return, / what I have not given you does not return.

N.330**: Francesca (Neunele -Neoneli, Sardo del Barrigadu)

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Data registrazione: 14/09/23

Età della parlante: 82 anni

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